the benefits of beard oil.

the benefits of beard oil.

Beard Oil? What's It Good For?



People often ask, "beard oil!?" "What does it do, how does it work" and etcetera. We wanted to go ahead and informally address this topic so you can be well aware of the benefits of not just any beard oil, but Urbalist's Beard Oil (shameless plug haha). We will discuss the uses, the hows, whys and benefits of the product genre and what ours specifically can do and be used for. 


Uses: Beard oil is traditionally used to help oil facial hair. If used properly, after a beard/face wash or a shower, it helps to lock in maximum moisture within your beard and replenish oils and nutrients that keep the underlying skin healthy (which is often overlooked). Have you ever met a guy (or been that guy) that was worried about how their/your face would look after shaving their/your beard?!?! It's a thing, trust, and that s**t is not cool, may end up looking patchy, flaky or worse. This is for the person that wants to maintain that cool a**, dope a**, sexy a**, soft feeling-rugged lookin' a** facial hair.

Now peep, for those of you without facial hair (ladies, gentlemen and aliens from all corners of the universe) you are not left out. The beard oil can also be used as a head and scalp moisturizer as well. I know folks, personally, that will as a desired amount into a spray bottle with water, shake, and BAM, spray until their heart is content after washing their locs, natural hair, two-strand twists, micros, cornrows, faux-locs, box braids and etc. Whether you have a head full of luxurious hair like Beyonce or bald like Morris Chestnut, the beard oil can work for you (amount may want to be adjusted though, don't want to look like a moist milk-dud, ijs)!

Hows: This all depends on what you actually want to do with it. Identify your need for the product then apply a plan. Got a spray bottle, have your own shea butter and want to add some Urbalist magic to it, maybe the hair that needs attention is not on your head (s**t, I don't know your life)? Either way assess your need, then come up with a plan for use. Ask yourself, "how can I apply this in my everyday life?" Then do it! Don't be scurred, we only trynna help. 


Whys: Get rid of that dry, cracked, flaky, nasty, patchy skin underneath all of that hair. Treat your skin better! It is the largest organ on your body and as we all know, you get out what you put in. Why not use bomb a** natural products, that work and make your body happy! Treat it well now, so it can treat you well later, frfr. 



Benefits of Product & Ingredients: Caprillic Capric Triglycerides are there to give you the smooth silky feeling. Made from coconut and palm oils it helps to penetrate the skin to ensure that your skin reaps all of the benefits. Hemp Seed Oil helps to keep oil production under control while moisturizing and soothing irritated skin. Hemp Oil has been known to have anti-aging properties and be used to treat dry skin. Tea Tree Oil is a very popular component in treating dry, itchy/inflammed and oily skin. It's great to use not only on the skin but on the scalp as well. Avocado Oil helps promote smoother skin, controls are radicals and helps increase nutrient absorption. Neem Oil helps to produce collagen, reduce scarring, promote smoother skin and treat dry skin. Vegetable Glycerin has been found to be a great humectant (attracts water to keep you moisturized), skin smoothened, oil controller and non-comedogenic (it does not block your pores). Grapeseed Oil is high in vitamin E and anti-oxidants which are great for your skin. Jojoba Oil is closest to your body's naturally produced oils, which makes it excellent for helping to nourish the skin and keep it hydrated. It has anti-microbial properties, vitamins E and B as well as minerals such as chromium, copper and zinc. Proprietary Blend of Essential Oils are there to help you smell good while getting all the benefits the product offers as a whole.

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