These Are NOT Yo Momma's Recipes

We combine the finest natural ingredients to create rich, plant-based products to inspire overall skin and hair health. We are city-grown and inspired by nature. We strive to bring you top-tier products that you can not only connect with, but also adopt into your household, family, and life. We're just like those chips baby, once you try one, you just can't stop. Everything we create is to make sure that you have all you need in one place. We will be dropping more products in the near future so definitely be on the lookout. Time is money and we aim to save you both, while keeping it simple and natural. 

We LOVE feedback too! Hit any of our lines on social media or shoot us an email and let us know what you think. Pictures are worth 1,000 words so we appreciate those as well, ::cough cough:: Instagram ::cough cough::, the good kind though. We would be flattered and we love ya'll, but don't slide in our dm's with nudes please. Oh and be on the lookout for our vending locations and dates ::cough cough:: Twitter and Snapchat ::cough cough::. 



Finding the right products to use and the time to locate them for purchase can be....irksome, to say the least. You need what you need, when you need it. Natural products that work, are even more elusive than meeting the perfect person to date (you know, that person you want to make out of a combination of previous exes). Being natural is hard enough in today's society without the hurdle of having access to the right tools to do so. 


Goal: Our goal was to minimize the amount of chemically induced products that we use and switch to all natural. All while keeping the male user in mind throughout the process.


Problem: The problem was all the natural products either were not completely natural, were way too expensive, and/or were not designed with the male consumer in mind.


Solution: So we began our journey to create something that fit our needs, and BAM, Urbalist was born. Soon friends and family alike started to request samples of products and who are we to not put someone else on? Stingy little monsters? I think not. So, we gave people what they wanted, incorporated constructive feedback and perfected our product some more. Suggestions for starting a business began to ring loud every time we came around, so we did it! Now we are bringing our products to the larger public, as we are sure you will "love what the block is cookin'" (see what we did there, 90s babies know what we are talking about).


Nature + Quality + Convenience = Urbalist