BIG faqs


What makes your Shea butter different than other Shea butters/body butters?

    • The purpose of our brand is to provide personal care products with the male consumer in mind. With that being said, our Shea butter is a combination of ingredients that assist in not only getting rid of ashy skin, once applied, but to last throughout the day. The goal with our product is not to have you reapply unnecessarily, but to give your skin what it needs to be great the first time around.


Does that mean your brand is for males only?
    • Absolutely not. Urbalist is a unisex brand, but we make our products with the male consumer in mind as to provide options that are not as readily available for men. Our company was created as a solution to not having many natural self-care options for males. Just because he may have rock hard abs, doesn’t mean his skin should feel like he washes with them, LBS.


Do you offer any other products aside from Shea butter?
    • I am glad that you asked that question. Why yes we do! Our other products are a little further down the pipeline, but will be available for purchase in the near future.


Why the name Urbalist? What does it mean?
    • Our definition of the term Urbalist is:

    Urbalist [herb-uh-list] noun, adjective – 1. An individual that resides within a densely populated and man-made environment, but embraces aspects of rural living; nature. 2. A person who lives in an urban area, and favors aspects of rural living (e.g. farming, gardening, nature, and etc.)

    Related forms – 1. Urbalist, noun, adjective 2. Urbalism, noun 3. Urbalistically, adverb 4. Urbalistic, Urbalistical, adjective 5. Non-Urbalist, noun adjective 6. Non-Urbalistic adjective

      • We chose the name Urbalist to convey the versatility of our products. With the first half of the name consisting of a modification of the term urban. The second half of the name containing herbalist, by definition being “a person who practices healing by the use of herbs.” Which is what we do, use nature to create premium products that care for you.


    How long will it take to get my order?

      • Typically it will take about 3-5 business days to receive your order.


    What shipping carriers do you use?
        • For now, our shipping will be done through USPS (United States Postal Service). We may offer other shipping options in the future depending on your needs. Let us know if that is something you would like.


      How can I track my order?
          • You should receive a tracking number within your shipping confirmation email after both placing your order and your payment being processed successfully. If you do not receive a tracking number, please email us at orders@tryurbalist.com and we will rectify that.


        Entering discount/gift card codes?

          • If you have a discount code or gift card code please enter it in the designated area before checkout.


        How do I know that your product is truly “all natural?”

          • This is a very valid question, and one that we are sure plagues everyone’s mind when searching for natural products. We cannot speak for any other brands (obviously) but if it is not on our ingredients list it is not in the product. However, we are currently seeking certain certifications that will further validate our products, and ease consumer’s minds. As we are a small start-up our funding only allows us to do so much at once. We have a lot planned for this brand that you will see over time. With the help of amazing supporters like you, we can accomplish this goal a lot faster.


        How can I get in touch with you if I have questions/concerns?

          • If you have any questions/concerns please feel free to contact us via email at customerservice@tryurbalist.com OR soon by phone.


        How can I report any issues that I may find on your site(s)?

          • If you find any issues with our site(s) please email us with information, screenshots or etc. to tech@urbalist.com. Give us a little time to look into the issue and we will get back with you as soon as possible.